Re: What are we missing access to in Zoom?

Norma A. Boge

The ACB used Zoom exclusively for its national conference. Highly unlikely a
large portion is inaccessible to screen reader users. Just because you can't
find something in a program doesn't mean the program has accessibility

ion The

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Although Zoom is generally useable, from the comments of a sighted friend
and from what I've seen in help files and looking around the interface, it
appears that there is a whole pane of Zoom we have no access to. I think we
have access to the left pane, with all the controls and fields users can tab
around to, but I've tried all sorts of navigation methods and one or two
keyboard commands and I can't see, as far as I can tell, anything in the
right pane. the right pane may include a settings opttion, a help option,
and perhaps other things.

What are we missing and is it important enough to contact the Zoom
development or accessibility, whoever is in charge of such things, team


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