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Of course, you need a plug that fits the jack, but the microphone isn't powered by anything. It doesn't have a battery nor does the diaphragm create any power when sound hits it. The microphone jack in a computer already has current flowing through it. The current flows through the microphone itself when connected, and A computer microphone modulates the current already flowing through the circuit. It makes it stronger and weaker as the diaphragm moves as sound hits it. A conventional microphone creates current when sound hits the diaphragm and sends that current into the microphone circuit. That's why you can't use a computer microphone in a tape recorder or other conventional appliance that doesn't work as a computer does in this respect.

You can buy adapters that allow you to use computer microphones in other devices and some may come with them, but buy itself, you can't use a computer microphone is such appliances.


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You would want a microphone powered with or using a 3.5mm male plug if I'm understanding your question correctly.

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I'm using one of those little sound cards that has a jack for a
microphone as well as one for headphones. What would you call this kind
of mic, so I know what to search for and buy.


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