Re: how does one make edge look like internet explorer?


When I saw your question, I looked up information.
If this is what you are discussing, it appears it won't make Edge look like Internet Explorer in terms of giving it an Internet Explorer interface. It will allow it to run in IE compatibility mode whenever you run it without you having to change it. that will allow some wehb sites to run that are compatible with Internet Explorer and not with Chrome, but my impression is that ehse are business sites and the general user will seldom run across such sites. I doubt most people that aren't working in business or institutions would benefit from making this change and I'm not sure if you can. This article says something like If you are in a business, you can do this, which implies that the general user can't.

I don't know how much you know about working with Chrome but for many people, there shouldn't be that much to learn. If you tell us what you are having problems with we can discuss it.


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Hello, I saw off google that one can make edge look like IE however, i could not find the steps to do this without having to click the mouse and drag etc. So my questions are, does this work with the knew edge?The articles I came across did not say wich edge this works with. I am thinking about those who are trying to transition away from IE; just trying to make it easier. Thanks for any info, cheers Heather

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