Re: Repeated message about filling out survey for census Bureau


First, make sure it is from the census. Phishers can try to use almost anything to get people to go to malicious sites or go to sites that ask you for personal information that is sent to the criminals.

Don't follow any links. Do a search on whether the census bureau is, in fact, asking people for information about the coronavirus. it sounds very implausible to me. they are an organization to enumerate the number of people in the United States. I would think medical information would be solicited by a different agency. And I haven't heard a word, with all the coverage of the census controversy, of the census bureau collecting any such information.

Then, if you find there is such a legitimate survey, don't follow the link. Find out how to get to the site another way, or if you know how to check the link for authenticity, you can do that and follow it if it really is. But this sounds like classic phishing. Be very skeptical of any e-mail that claims to come from somewhere and wants you to do something.


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I keep getting a message that the Census needs for me to fill out a survey about Covid 19. WHAT would you do? Would we be in trouble if we ignore it?

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