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David Goldfield <david.goldfield@...>

I first would recommend that you upgrade to Windows 10, if at all possible, since you are using an operating system which is no longer receiving security updates.

I don't know how well JAWS 14 will support the newest versions of today's Chromium-based browsers, such as the ones that you mentioned, and I am almost 100% certain that JAWS 14 would not support Firefox beyond version 56. Choosing the subscription service known as JAWS Home Annual would be your most economical option to upgrade to JAWS 2020 in the short term although it would mean that you are then committing to pay a subscription fee to ensure that your JAWS license is active. Using NVDA, either temporarily or as a primary screen reader will support all of today's browsers and it's free of cost, including all subsequent updates. All of the browsers that you mentioned are excellent. If privacy is important to you I recommend Brave, which is what I use as my primary browser of choice.

David Goldfield,
Blindness Assistive Technology Specialist
JAWS Certified, 2019
On 8/26/2020 1:31 PM, Terry Olandese wrote:

Hi! Hope all are doing well. I have a question. Right now I’m running windows 7, jaws 14, and enternet explorers latest version. With I E going away which brouser would be best for me to go to?

I’m thinking that I need to update jaws to the latest version. I’m looking at windows edge, brave, and crome to switch to. Which one would be the best one to go to as far as not much of a learning curve and being able to use it with windows 7? Thanks for the help.


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