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I'm not responsible for your behavior or decisions. No one is making you do anything. Don't try to guilt trip me. I think the question is whether you consider your desire to help list members and the information and ability you have to do so to be more important than the occasional level of being offended you feel. But that is your decision.

If someone addresses people in a way that may be irritating to some people, even many, that in and of itself isn't grounds for removal. There are other list mmembers that address list members in ways that may bother some people. They aren't removed from this list nor have I seen them removed from other lists I've followed over the years. And at times, I've seen some arguments and debates develop about the content and manner of their messages. However, in the cases I've observed, such people also have useful and valuable information to contribute.

I have seen this or that person removed from lists if they promote a lot of discord and are really tendentious and argumentative. Brian has a style at times that people may consider abrupt. But, as I say, in my twelve years of being on various lists, I've never seen someone removed for a style like that and I've seen it displayed by others at times.

As I said, I hope you remain on the list but I don't think the kinds of messages you are offended by constitute grounds for removal or closing the thread.

Also this is one thread. the kinds of messages in this thread you object to may not occur often. This one thread may bring them out, most threads, perhaps the vast majority, may not. I would think it would be wise to wait and see before leaving.


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Well for one thing, the subject line never got changed in this thread we are starting discussing this topic it has been going on in the same thread that we were talking about how to join a zoom meeting. And the second thing was as he started talking down to a few of your listers on List about how he won't do something that was just a very simple request. And I consider that to be pretty rude. As far as I'm concerned you and Michael Coppell with the same shoe. Just different attitude. He got all upset because I had made an honest mistake with my computer and put his list address whenever I was talking about my own list. And he took pot shots at me and blocked me from his group. But you're just the opposite you've seen nothing wrong with Brian's behavior so you're going to continue to let it go on and you're gonna force me to leave because nobody's had good list etiquette. So with that being said. If anybody wants to find me. You can send a blank message to the following email address.

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The moderator may want to enter into this discussion. If someone disobeys list rules, that's one thing. Name me one list rule Brian has broken. And if you can, explain why the breach is severe enough to have the thread stopped or tell Brian to change his behavior. Disagreements happen on lists and some people have certain approaches or attitudes others may not like. Why are you reading the thread if you don't like it? I'll be sorry if you leave the list but I'm not going to micromanage it either and stop discussions unless there is a good reason to do so. I see none.

Gene, owner
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First things first, and I'm going to do it. I wish somebody would've like change the subject line because it has nothing to do with the subject line that's been discussed and I'm quite disappointed at the admin team hasn't done this. Secondly Brian, I've never seen anybody right like what you do, until I started reading emails on groups.io. And I communicate with Senate folks on email quite frequently. There is nobody that writes like what you do it's up Mark in a couple of other people on GMF. And that's about the only time that I even pay attention to that particular writing style. And I'm gonna tell you if this was my list. And you want to write like that to make it confusing for other blind individuals to decipher all that mess and especially if they were a beginner, you know what I would do until you go ahead and start your own list and do just exactly what you're doing here. I probably will be leaving this group sooner than later because I've been reading and deleting this thread for quite some time. And it sounds like it's just come in bunch of bickering back-and-forth. And if the admin team doesn't want me to leave because of the acid that I am to this list and to the health that I do provide occasionally then please take control of your list a little bit better. I'm sorry I had to come down like this but it was quite getting somewhat annoying.
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On Wed, Aug 26, 2020 at 10:06 PM, Pamela Dominguez wrote:
In a normal email, if the person answers the person’s questions, you can see what they are responding to under the response.
No. In a typical "blind-style" email, perhaps, but I can assure you that most of the world does "quote, response, quote, response, quote, response" not "response, quote, response, quote, response, quote," when complex exchanges are involved.

Even I don't quote at the top when it would be immediately obvious to most readers in a topic what I was responding to. This message is another case where there have been multiple responses, by multiple members, prior to this offering by me.

This entire message would be far harder to decipher were the assertion I'm saying is incorrect were to be at the bottom. I would, in fact, for most readers, be entirely backward.

I also found out that NVDA (and, by extension, I'd be willing to presume most screen readers) can handle block quotes in e-mail messages with a built-in single letter navigation command, and a complementary single character (but not letter) built-in command to jump out of a block quote to the next/previous batch of unquoted material. Anyone who wants to read about that can see the topic on the NVDA Group:
Access regarding email with quotations and screen readers, NVDA, in this case

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