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I inadvertently sent a message to myself and not the list. In proper dchronological order, it should be the one below the message quoted below it. In other words, the order should have been reversed.

Here is the message:

I've been on this bgroup for years, first as a member, then as a moderator, then as an owner. I don't see any degredation of the group except, of course, that Carlos, the founder, is no longer around to make the
knowledgeable contributions he made and develop the very useful software he
did. And in terms of running the list, at times he may have handled something better than I.

I generally agree with how Carlos ran the list and I think I run it in a
similar way. Of course, since I'm not Carlos, there will be differences.

And do you really think it is appropriate to insult me publicly on the list?
While I generally give people latitude, if there is going to be a discussion
of wheteher I am doing a good job as owner, please take it to the chat list.
This isn't the appropriate place. Anyone who wants to participate may join
and do so. I'm always interested in constructive criticism.

I won't allow the discussion of the way I run the list to continue on the
main list. I monitor the chat list and I'll see any comments there. But if
the topic continues here, where it isn't appropriate, I'll close the topic.


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From: Gene
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Subject: Re: [TechTalk] Talking about quoting threads in the blindness community

Though you aren't aware of it I would imagine, the list has been gradually
increasing its members over time. If this list starts to decline and the
reason may be me, I'll consider appointing another owner. Laaz would make a
good owner. He is now the moderator. I put the well-being of the list
above whether I am owner. I am pleased to serve as owner. If that becomes
detrimental to the list, I'll step down if I am convinced that is the right
thing to do. I am not list owner for my ego. I'm list owner because I was
asked to be and people generally approved.

Now, if you wish to continue to insult me and show your disdain for how the
list is run, please do so on the chat list, where almost anything is allowed
to be discussed.

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From: joseph hudson
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Well I think he would've made an issue out of it if they were over 71
messages in the thread and what was being discussed was no longer relevant
to the current subject line. And I just had to go back to my trash folder
and I found the thread, and that thread his head 71 messages probably plus
yes, I no you talk about not being guilty of changing subject lines but I
think after a while he would've come forward and requested the change. Oh
well it's your list it'll fall apart just like others that I've been a part
of have. It's OK.
On Aug 27, 2020, at 12:37 AM, Gene <gsasner@gmail.com> wrote:

No, Carlos never strictly enforced that rule. I remember a message where he said it would be a good thing if people change subject lines if the discussion changes in a thread but that it is so common that this isn't done that he wouldn't stricgtlhy enforce it. He even said that he is guilty of not changing subject lines himself.

I believe he would change a subject line off and on. he may have reminded list members that it would be a good thing if they did but as I said, he never made much of an issue about it.
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Sent: Thursday, August 27, 2020 12:10 AM
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Subject: Re: [TechTalk] Talking about quoting threads in the blindness community

Hi Brian, I'm fully aware of the functionality of groups.io. That's not the point. I was interested in the discussion at hand. And I know one of Carlos's rules was to keep subject lines on topic especially whenever I came to the tech talk group.
joseph hudson

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On Aug 26, 2020, at 11:58 PM, Brian Vogel <britechguy@gmail.com> wrote:

Let's not forget that at the bottom of each and every message that arrives from Groups.io, whether individual messages or in digests, is the Mute this topic link. If a topic is no longer of interest, which can happen, that's what it's there for.

Anyone can also set up topic preview for any Groups.io group, if they're willing to log in to their Groups.io account to do so. Controlling the Messages You Receive via E-Mail from Groups.io (docx). This can be very, very handy on high-traffic groups where it's a select few topics that you really have an interest in.

Those using any service owe it to themselves to become familiar with the features offered, and Groups.io gives individual users a far greater degree of control than many.

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