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Thank you, Ann. You presented both sides in a very helpful way, and I will try this method. Yes it's different than how I'd do it, but it sounds to me like you have found an efficient way to read the sender's reply.

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Morning all,

Good heavens, all this hoopla? Joseph, I can understand your frustration, but your message should have gone to Gene privately. Now, we've got a whole slew of messages which are clogging up the list. You ought to know that criticisms of posters, posts and/or the listowner and his/her policies sent to a list are werboten. If I were the list owner, I'd place you on review. However, I'm not he.

Actually, the topic has, I think, run its course. Brian has explained his method, and it does make logical sense. It just requires a bit of info to read efficiently. So, my difficulty with his posts are over. Now that I know the most efficient way to read them, I'm good. So, talk to Gene privately about the list, please.

If you want to read Brian's posts efficiently, and you do not want to read the one or two sentence quote at the top of his posts, do a find for - and you'll be placed right at the top of his posts. He actually takes some time and effort with his posts which is more than a lot of people do. 'nough said.

Ann P.

Original message:
First things first, and I'm going to do it. I wish somebody would've like change the subject line because it has nothing to do with the subject line that's been discussed and I'm quite disappointed at the admin team hasn't done this. Secondly Brian, I've never seen anybody right like what you do, until I started reading emails on groups.io. And I communicate with Senate folks on email quite frequently. There is nobody that writes like what you do it's up Mark in a couple of other people on GMF. And that's about the only time that I even pay attention to that particular writing style. And I'm gonna tell you if this was my list. And you want to write like that to make it confusing for other blind individuals to decipher all that mess and especially if they were a beginner, you know what I would do until you go ahead and start your own list and do just exactly what you're doing here. I probably will be leaving this group sooner than later because I've been reading and deleting this thread for quite some time. And it sounds like it's just come in bunch of bickering back-and-forth. And if the admin team doesn't want me to leave because of the acid that I am to this list and to the health that I do provide occasionally then please take control of your list a little bit better. I'm sorry I had to come down like this but it was quite getting somewhat annoying.
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