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Carolyn Arnold

I, for one, will not bother with bottom posting. If it is not at the top, where it is convenient to read, I just move on to the next one.

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I totally agree with those who don't like to see the original message at the top. The interesting thing is, back in 2001 and somewhat later, when I started joining groups, many sighted people put the original messages on top. At that time most were from AOL, and I did have to delete most of these because yes it's confusing and even putting a hyphen in you still don't know how long the original message is and where to find that hyphen and read the reply. Now it seems that few if any sighted people in groups reply with the original message at the top, and I admit I was a little surprised a blind person would do it simply because many blind people, just like me, were confused and even annoyed by this practice. I wonder if many in the sighted community found it to be as frustrating as we sometimes get, because I haven't seen this hardly at all in groups where mostly sighted people are members. I do know who replies at the bottom in this and another group, and I just delete those messages. Leaving the original message in emails can be very helpful, and many of us leave the originals but at the bottom. I don't want it to be an argument either, and the original member who simply pointed out that it's confusing, wasn't trying to be rude but was trying to just point out something that would be helpful to many of us. Of course people will do what they want, but I don't think this was originally intended to start an argument but to let the poster know that it can be confusing. I'd never tell someone how to post, and just because some of us don't like it that doesn't mean a person has to make a change if he doesn't want to.
Without arguing, I'm simply expressing my opinion as others have and that's all.

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