Re: I need a step by step guide to set up a play list in win amp please.

Jaffar Sidek

Hi.  This is a very simple m3u file that you could put in the folder for which you want to create a playlist for.

Open up your notepad and use this as a template.

So say you have a folder called Songs, and the first song in there is "Memories" and the artist is Maroon5, you would write something like this, all relevant info separated by comma:


Then save it as a M3U file and put inside your Songs folder.  You could include other types of info as well such as album name, date of release and track number, but all this must be on one line and all the information must be comma separated.  Once you've done editting, go to your Songs folder, enter on the M3U file and Winamp will play the songs as listed in your M3U file to the end.  Cheers!

On 27/8/2020 10:13 pm, Jim Rawls wrote:

Hi all, I am running jaws 2020 and windows ten. Thanks. Jim        

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