locked Re: Talking about quoting threads in the blindness community


On 8/27/2020 10:11 AM, Dave wrote:
Why do Members of a list usually threaten to leave the list when someone
else says something they find objectionable?

Holding yourself Hostage just seems a bit Self Centered to me.
These people seem to have the mistaken oppinion that because of there previous contribution to the list they are entitled to more freedom themselves than they would be willing to grant others. There could also be the hope that if they threaten to leave others might be a little more forgiving to them because they wish them to stay. Unfortunately for them the type of person that usually does this isn't the type that most list members would care one way or another.

Everyone has their opinions, and I may not care for some, they still
have the right to state them.

Freedom of Speech is valuable, extremely valuable.  And to lose it, as
we are experiencing in the Western Nations will end up being a terrible

Be careful what you ask for and demand, as some day it could, and
probably will be used against you.


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