Re: Oddity with TechTalk message format - Reported to Group Owner

Brian Vogel <britechguy@...>

Just to be clear, the issue is not with the fact that the messages are in plain text, but with the fact that, as currently formatted, an essential mechanism for starting off-list communication with the sender of any given message is missing if you're an e-mail only participant.  The same limitation is not in place if you use the web interface.

At the very least, the Reply to Sender link needs to be restored, otherwise it's a nightmare to try to establish a private exchange off-list, which people frequently do if my inbox is any indication.

Most other groups related to screen readers and blind/low-vision technology are using the default HTML format, which is simple to use as is even for a screen reader user, with the standard collection of links in the footer, but with click-through text indicating the function of each.  But, again, it's not the formatting that's the big issue here.  If Reply to Sender were present in label/link format, as a mailto link, that would be just fine.

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