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Curious, did he actually leave?

On 8/27/2020 10:43 AM, Laz wrote:
Actually this isn't always the case; mostly people actually just leave
quietly. However in Joseph Hudson's case I believe he wanted people to
know that he has his own list where he does things his way and
announced it after attacking this list's owner. This is not the first
time he has done this.

And yes, Gene has done a marvelous jobrunning this list closely
channeling Carlos.

Stay well,


On 8/27/20, Dave <dlh007@centurylink.net> wrote:
Why do Members of a list usually threaten to leave the list when someone
else says something they find objectionable?

Holding yourself Hostage just seems a bit Self Centered to me.

I've been a list owner in years past, and a member of many lists through
the years.

If I don't care for someone's attitude, or their opinions, I rarely kick
them off the list, nor do I cry to the list owner to have them bring

I use my Delete Key, and I don't read posts with that subject line. I
once was on a list not too long ago, when I had two other members just
bringing material that was meant to be obnoxious.

I found their comments to be irritating, and so I just stopped reading
anything they posted. If I could have figured out how to do it, I would
have had my Email program just filter out all messages sent to the list
by these two people.

Instead I just Deleted them by hand.

Everyone has their opinions, and I may not care for some, they still
have the right to state them.

Freedom of Speech is valuable, extremely valuable. And to lose it, as
we are experiencing in the Western Nations will end up being a terrible

Be careful what you ask for and demand, as some day it could, and
probably will be used against you.

Grumpy Dave

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