Re: respecting leaving computers on, or not

Brian Vogel <britechguy@...>

I'm the "perfect inbetween" of Gene's and Jim's approaches.   I will do restarts anytime I see performance change that goes outside "normal limits," which can be hours, days or weeks, and usually weeks (1.5 to 2).

And I absolutely agree that doing the occasional cyclic restart can be helpful.  What I have found unhelpful, over my years of repairing computers, is the practice of powering down completely either multiple times per day or even nightly on a routine basis.  The systems where that's been the owner's standard practice virtually always have shorter service lives, if not for the machine as a whole then for specific parts that have to be replaced.

I've been using laptops exclusively for well over 10 years now as my "daily driver" machines.


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Always remember that computers are just glorified light bulbs - they rarely fail in continuous use and usually go pop when turned off and on.

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