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When I tested reply to sender earlier today with Thunderbird, it inserted the sender's address. I don't know why you got a different result. While I doubt this is the case, if you are using a more current version than I am, the function of the setting may have changed. I have 68.x on my machine. Its unlikely this feature would have been changed but you never know.


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Well, I guess i was wrong on that again, i'll shut up and go hide in my little whole again. :smile:

TB does indeed have the reply to sender option but it inserts the list address. For some reason i thought earlier that it worked as i said it did. It should be possible to make it do so by using the correct email headers but that's a issue and not ms.

Just for the record, i still think ms should quit making email clients.


On 8/27/2020 2:59 PM, Brian Vogel wrote:
On Thu, Aug 27, 2020 at 02:43 PM, Norman wrote:
I declare if we all used tb the world would be a better place. Seems to me that there would have to be a reply to sender option somewhere in outlook/win mail, but i guess i could be wrong about the ability for ms programers to think clearly anymore.-
This has nothing to do with Microsoft. The way sends out messages, by design, is such that the reply-to address is for the group. You would never want the sender's address to be the default on a mailing list, or traffic would end up being diverted off-list almost constantly. If you show the entire original message you can find the original sender's address, but it's not in Reply-To.

This isn't limited to groups, either. and others use precisely the same mechanism. Replies using reply or reply all generally default to list, not sender.


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