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That question was just a substitution for an ok button or a find now button and was a consumer device to appear friendly. Its not worth getting angry about, just as its not worth getting angry or annoyed when you call an automated phone system and it pretends to be a person, though the phoniness of it bothers me when it says things like I'll just look that up, as though its an overly friendly person, or it thanks me for calling when it doesn't even know I called or the phony pretense of the system pressing computer keys while its doing something.

These days file find in Windows is more automated but I suspect that is because programming is more sophisticated and because the programmers didn't want the much less powerful computers in the old days to get sluggish or unresponsive by automatically starting a search before you said to start.
I'm not sure Windows is better or worse in offering you to do things or to do them automatically and I'm not sure Windows programs are much different.

Browsers are more automated, they open more file types such as PDF in the browser unless you tell them not to.

It may be that people who use more programs than I do will disagree, but I haven't seen a lot more automation in general in programs or Windows.


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Hi all,

<smiling> Thanks, Brian. Those of us who have been on the net for
ages have learned through hard experience how to treat stuff like this.
Dunnow what your background is, but I've been on the net since I joined
the bulletin board system in 1989. My first computer was a Zenith 151
with 10MB of disk space. No, that's not a typo.

Always best to have control over what your computer does. Windows has
become better about not making arbitrary decisions about what you want
or don't want, but sometimes you have to speak firmly and take action.

I remember becoming absolutely insensed with Win98 one day what I was
searching for a file. The computer put me through a huge dialog which
asked how big the file was, when it was created, what kind it was and
on and on. I finally got to the end of the dialog and the computer
said, "Do you want to find this file now?" I started screaming! When
else would I want the blankity-blank file, next Tuesday? Things have
definitely improved since then.

Have a great day!

Ann P.

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save whatever file it is and run it yourself.
Ann, Amen, Amen, AMEN!!!
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