Re: tracks on a cd are in the wrong order

Walter Ramage

Hi. OK, let's see! 1. Place the disc you want copied in the disc drive. 2
launch Express Burn. 3. Do as you have done before and be sure you have
checked The audio Disc option then tab to "Create." 4. Now press the alt key
and then arrow right once and then arrow down, or up until you hear "copy
Disc." and press enter. From this point you follow the prompts. I'm
heading for bed now so I can't take you through the whole process but if you
have trouble then let me know and I'll do that for you tomorrow, make sure
you have the blank disc handy because when Express Burn has taken an image
of the disc you want copied it will spit it out and ask you to replace it
with a blank disc and proceed to burn it. Walter.

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From: Joe Giovanelli []
Sent: 29 November 2015 21:41
Subject: Re: [TechTalk] tracks on a cd are in the wrong order

Hi, Walter,

Thanks for the suggestion. Express Rip does what it says it does: rip tracks
from cds. I guess Express Burn is supposed to do what you said.

There is no help nor any other menus. When run, I am asked to select the
kind of disk I wish to burn. I choose Audio CD.

After that choice, I tab till I hear "Create." I already had the disk to be
copied in the drive. I do not hear the disk spin up.

Tabbing further, there's a box which tells me to copy cd. Right below it is
a group of radio buttons about normalization. The first shows this as
disabled, which is what I want. Others show what I guess are progressively
greater normalization amounts.
I try either the spacebar or enter. Nothing happens.

When I select Burn Cd, I'm told there are no files in the list.

What am I missing?

Joe G.

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From: Walter Ramage <>
Date: Sunday, November 29, 2015 12:04
Subject: Re: [TechTalk] tracks on a cd are in the wrong order

Hi. One suggestion would be to use Express burn. This programme has an
option to clone the disc. You put the original disc in the PC then
burn takes an image of the disc, it spits it out and asks you to insert a
blank disc and it will burn it. There is another programme that does that
also but I just can't remember which programme it is but Express burn is a
good programme. Walter.

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From: Joe Giovanelli []
Sent: 29 November 2015 15:52
Subject: [TechTalk] tracks on a cd are in the wrong order

hello Everybody,

I have used Easy CD-DA Extracter for a long time. I never had a problem.

In this case, I had to copy a cd, which is close to 80 minutes long. I put
all the files into a folder just the way I always do it. The tracks are in
the right order. The tracks on the finished disk are not.

It could be that the length of the disk is greater than the standard 74
minute disk length. I don't know.

Bottom line! How can I copy the disk with all tracks in their right order?

Joe Giovanelli

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