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David Goldfield <david.goldfield@...>

Actually, in Windows 10 the Downloads folder is also located in

c:\users\(name of user)\downloads

as in


The item in "This PC" is a shortcut.

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On 8/29/2020 4:26 PM, Ann Parsons wrote:
Hi all,

Shelly, what operating system are you running?   It depends on what OS you're running as to where the downloads folder is. Before I explain how to find your downloads folder, which is where all programs put files unless you tell them differently, I want to explain your desktop to you.

Don't know where you got your training, but whomever it was did a poor job in this area.  Your desktop is a list view, but it is displayed in columns and rows.  Have you ever seen a bulletin board with pictures and announcements and so on placed in columns and rows on it?  There will be a picture, and below that will be the menu for the kids' lunches at school, to the right of the picture will be Martha's drawing of Spot the Dog and so on. That's what your desktop looks like.  So, if you want to see items 8-14, use your right arrow key to move to the second column of icons.  You can always use first letter navigation too, which is sometimes more efficient.

As for the downloads folder, that depends on the OS.  If it's win10, it's in 'this PC'.  If it's Win7, look in 'computer' at: c:\users\name\downloads\.

Ann P.

Original message:
         Hi Everyone:

I was wondering if anyone can tell me that when I have the desktop open
and I can see all of my programs, I have 11 in there but I can only see
seven.  How do I get Jaws to read the others? Also, how do I delete a
program from the desktop?  One more thing, how do I get to the download
folder?  I usually have all of my programs go right to desktop but
someone told me some of them may be in the downloads folder. Thanks in

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