Re: Admin. A possible change to list settings


Two days ago, I explained a requested change to list settings. I asked for comments about this change. I've received none and I shall assume that there are no objections. I have made the requested change. You can learn about this change by reading the quoted message below this one.

If anyone objects and didn't notify me or didn't see the original message, you may do so now, but at this time, it appears there are no objections or almost none. I believe this change is adventageous.


-----Original Message-----
From: Gene
Sent: Friday, August 28, 2020 2:56 PM
Subject: Admin. A possible change to list settings

From the owner:

I have had a request to make a change in list settings. This doesn't affect
what members see if they receive e-mails from the list. But if someone
sends a message containing an e-mail address, someone searching the archives
or reading messages in their browser on the site now wouldn't see it. For
example, if someone sent the e-mail address of a Braille Repair service,
that address wouldn't be seen in the archives or when reading mail on the
web site instead of in an e-mail program.

this sounds like a reasonable change to make. I know a small number of
people read messages using the browser interface and from time to time,
someone may search for information and see archived messages.

If anyone has any objection to this change, let me know at
I can only think of one instance where this might be objected to. Now and
then, someone sends a message asking if anyone knows the e-mail address of
someone a member is trying to contact who is a person, not a business.
While I would expect such information to rarely, if ever, come up if someone
is searching the archives for a topic, it is the only case where I can see
that anyone might object. But I want to give people a chance to comment in
case they do object or if I haven't thought of something that they think
should be considered.

the e-mail address of the sender of the message would still be hidden, as it
is now.


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