Re: How to make Firefox let me choose to run rather than save a download?


I can't say that what you are describing never happens but it has been my experience that if a program wants to communicate with the web site, that is done during the installation by the installer. We'll see if others have had experiences such as you describe.


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The reason I asked about running a program directly is because I had saved Roboform, but the start page said it hadn't been installed, so I read the download instructions and thought that was the way to get the start page recognize it. I recall other software that seemed to need running in order to connect with the online page.

Thanks for the strong warning. ′smiley′

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On Aug 30, 2020, at 7:13 AM, Gene <> wrote:

I generally don't bother about such things. Something may annoy or amuse me a bit that a committee decides a program should do or say, but that's about it. I get much more disgusted when hospital workers or staff in a docgtor's office wish me or others to have a great day. this is the result of no thought or incompetent thought being given to what staff should say and directing them about it.

They don't know anything about the patient's visit or what medical news he has been given. If someone receives bad news, its really insulting and downright cruel to say to the person, have a great day. What if the person is in pain of which they are unaware.

Its those kinds of things that really bother me, not something an inanimate machine says.

But I didn't bring it up as a criticism, I was pointing out that it is a sort of attempt to be more friendly than to have an ok button or something less friendly sounding.

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Hi all,

Yes, of course it wasn't worth getting all upset for, but I'm only
human, Gene. That dialog just made me so angry! It reminded me of
well meaning but clueless people who say, "You're coming to a
stairway." Or, "You're going to run into the wall...." That, "Do you
want to find this file now?" just pressed my buttons! I do distinctly
remember screaming at the computer, "When else would I want the file?
Tuesday, next week, next Christmas?"

Perhaps the fact that the file for which I was searching was crucial in
my prep for a student and I had about twenty minutes to find it might
have had something to do with my knee-jerk reaction. Oh, well,
nobody's perfect, only God.

Ann P.

Original message:
That question was just a substitution for an ok button or a find now button
and was a consumer device to appear friendly. Its not worth getting angry
about, just as its not worth getting angry or annoyed when you call an
automated phone system and it pretends to be a person, though the phoniness
of it bothers me when it says things like I'll just look that up, as though
its an overly friendly person, or it thanks me for calling when it doesn't
even know I called or the phony pretense of the system pressing computer
keys while its doing something.

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