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Hello Pam
As I said, I can't remember who explained it but those steps definitely made
the file stereo. The way I do it currently is to select one channel, insert
a split second at the beginning and then select both channels. It sounds
quite better but the results from the steps that someone gave sounded even
better and why would goldwave have such an item if it wouldn't work?

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That will just make the file take up twice as much room. If it is mono, it
won't make it stereo. Pam.

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Subject: [TechTalk] GoldWave: how to make mono file stereo

Hello List
I asked this question some time ago but due to a harddrive problem I lost
the answer and I can not remember who answered me, so can someone please
help? I think it was something like opening the file in two GoldWave windows
and then combining the two and then using the stereo item in the effects
menu but I can not remember the exact steps.

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