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Hello Damien
Thanks much. I bought a very old song via iTunes and I want to let it sound a bit better. For my ears my method of inserting silence in one of the channels makes it sound quite a bit better for such an old recording.

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Hi Fanus,
It depends what you mean by making a mono file stereo.
If you mean changing the format to support stereo editing, then you need
to resave the file as a stereo file (file, save as, then click on the
attributes button and select the format from there). This will allow you
to use stereo-based effects like panning, stereo echoes and reverb and
so on.
If you then want to extend that to attempting to give it a stereo sound,
there are several methods you can do to accomplish this but they are all
what I call "fake stereo" (making use of auditory illusions and
trickery), and so I wouldn't recommend it at all.

On 30/08/2020 05:58 pm, Fanus wrote:
Hello List
I asked this question some time ago but due to a harddrive problem I lost
the answer and I can not remember who answered me, so can someone please
help? I think it was something like opening the file in two GoldWave windows
and then combining the two and then using the stereo item in the effects
menu but I can not remember the exact steps.

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