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You were evidently thinking of Internet Explorer, but wrote Firefox by mistake. In Internet Explorer, control o and control l both open the open dialog. In both Firefox and Chrome, control l takes you to the title bar and in both, control o opens files.


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Hi all,

I'm liking Chrome. It seems fairly straight forward, and the only
major difference between it and IE is that you use ctrl-l instead of
ctrl-o to go to web sites, ctrl-o is for .html files on your computer.
The bookmark addition process is odd, but you can get it if you fiddle a bit.

Ann P.

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If y'all hear a strange noise, that is probably just me complaining
about have to leave Internet Explorer. I have 'sort of' tried to look
at other browsers, but the few I have looked at seem so loaded with
things I don't use. The main thing I like about IE is that, on my PC,
it is virtually invisible. Invisibility is what I am looking for. When
I go to a web site, I want to just lookup stuff without having to jump
through hoops before I can look something up.

Sorry to be so long winded, but all I needat this point is a good and
simple browser. Easy, Fast and invisible.

Just a further note, in my sights is the Brave browser, but I really
have not tried any other than my old friend IE.

Any guidance on Easy, fast, invisible and free browsers would be greatly
appreciated.. I do want to enter the 21st century.

Many thanks for your help and understanding.


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