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Pamela Dominguez

I've never seen it as a for sign: on the ones I have, it looks like a rectangle standing up, sort-of like a picture frame, because there is nothing in the middle; but it is in the same place and has the same purpose. Pam.

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Hi all,

On my labeler, the character next to the a is the 'for' sign which is
for space and cutting the tape. to the left of that, or clockwise
around the dial is the number sign: dots 3-4-5-6. Dots 3-4-5, is the
AR sign or sometimes right paren or other things depending on what code
of braille you're using.

BTW, I have changed the spelling of labeler because if you're going
through your messages quickly, labler makes no sense at all. Label
isn't spelled like table. Sounds like it ought to be but it ain't.

Ann P.

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I think it is the simble by the letter a. cheers Heather
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