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heather albright

I tried word, word pad and notepad. I used max screen, and have restarted the system several times after the repares. I guess I might have to do a system restore however, this is a fresh copy of windows it has only ben 3 weeks. It just start all of a sudden today. I even ran a computer scan too. Thanks Heather

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In an earlier message, you said the problem occurs with more than one screen-reader. That suggests it is very likely that there is a different problen than the screen-reader.

Did you do the usual reboot? Before doing so, did you check to see if the program was maximized? It shouldn't matter but you never know.

You didn't tell us which program you are using to read the file. Have you tried any other, for example, Wordpad instead of Notepad? Again, I don't see why it would matter, but in a case like this, without a good guess of the cause, you never know what trying these easy changes might do in terms of working round or correcting the problem.

And last, do you have restore points available in system restore or a way to revert the system? This may be a case where the cause will never be known but where reversion works.

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Subject: [TechTalk] jaws issues

Hello, I have done a jaws repare and the issue still persistes. I am running jaws2020 and windows 1909. I am reading a txt file by doing insert numpad 2. So it read a couple sentences and it pauses and it gets choppy when trying to read my file. I tried other files, same thing. Any ideas please? Thanks Heather

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