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I am trying to fix my screen readers when I try to read a file, with the read all command, it just stopps and it waits and than it starts again but, it is really choppy. It just started this afternoon, mainly with jaws2020. I did a jaws repare twice which restarted my system. I also had to  restart the system for a windows update. So I continue to have this issues with reading my files, no matter which program i am using word, notepad or wordpad.  Freedom is not answering their phone been on hold for 2.5 hours in the background. I do not trust their call back, has never worked for me. After reading your message, should I uninstall jaws and reinstall it again. Nothing else has worked. Thank you, Heather

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             You're asking some questions I can answer, and others that require more information.  There are certain PCs, and don't ask me how to predict which ones because I've never found the magic telltale, that tend to have System Protection turned off when Feature Updates are applied.   If that's the case, you will not have any restore points.  But, and this is in addition to the "turn off" situation, restore points are also intentionally removed when a Feature Update is applied, as they are no longer applicable to the refreshed version of Windows 10.   You can go to Control Panel, System, System Protection link and then check to see if it's turned on for your Windows drive.

              Now, all of the above being said, System Protection has been very unreliable, always.  It's great if/when it works, but you should never, and I mean never, rely upon System Protection as anything beyond a convenience for rolling back the install of a driver or new program.  You need real backups if you're not taking them already.

              I don't understand how your question about resetting your PC applies.  It has no connection to restore points.  Also, keep files means just that:  user data files.  If you use Reset you do lose all installed desktop apps (formerly known as installed programs) as well as store apps you may have installed.

              What is it you're trying to fix?

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