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heather albright

It started before I updated my windows. I actually, one, restarted after windows wanted to update, that did not fix the issue, was thinking the windows update was causing it. So next, I did a jaws repare, not sure how to repare NVDA, so was trying to get jaws to work. So jaws asked me to restart my pc after it finished. It did not fix the issue. Did a repare twice and had to restart the system again. I tried 3 programs for reading text; with the same results. Just now checked the blutooth box with the jaws settings, as suggested, did not fix my issue. It is like an out of the blue thing for this just to start; mondays. So the only thing I can think is to uninstall and reinstall the screen readers. I can honestly say I have never had this happen before. thanks Heather

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I saw your message answering Brians questions and if I remember an earlier message, you left out important information. As I recall, you said that you have the same problem with more than one screen-reader, JAWS and NVDA. that is very important. also, you didn't say in your last message when the Windows update occurred relative to when the problem started. Did it start immediately after the update or had it started before?
Did it start after you first booted up today and did you boot from a full shut down?

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I'll let others discuss oother possible solutions. I ncan't urge you
strongly enough in future, to make sure system restore is on when you first
start using a computer, unless you have a reversion program you are using.
Microsoft, from what I have read, has system restore off in Windows 10 by
default. I consider that to be extremely negligent design.

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Subject: [TechTalk] restore point

Hello, I do not have any restore points, they did not come up. Do I just
reset this pc? I have keep files as an option. I remember in the past, it
gave me dates but, i did not get any dates to choose from. Running windows
10 1909. Thanks Heather

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