Re: computer speaker recommendations please

Troy Burnham

Thanks Loy, this looks like just what I'm looking for.

Are these USB powered? Near the top of the description it says something about 3.5 mm which would be the plug for the earphone jack I presume, but at the bottom I see USB mentioned.


On 8/31/2020 8:22 PM, Loy wrote:
I just purchase the below speakers from Amazon. They are great, excellent
quality for the price. Like you I am not a big Music listener, but they
sound great with music. Here is the information:
Creative Pebble V2 - Minimalistic 2.0 USB-C Powered Desktop Speakers, 3.5 mm
AUX-in, Up to 8W RMS Power for Computers and Laptops, Type-A Adapter
Included and Extended Cable (Black)
Amazon'sChoicefor "creative pebble v2"$29.99
1.. 1.. 1.. 1.. 1.. 1.. 1.. a.. a.. a.. a.. a.. a.. a..

4 Colors:
Black with USB Type-C Plug$ 29 99
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Hi all,

I seem to be getting a short in the computer speakers I'm using now and
so I need to replace them, does anybody have recommendations on a set of
reasonably priced speakers? Btw I rarely if ever listen to music on the
computer so I don't need anything with a lot of base or anything, just
something that sounds good with jaws. I would like what I get to be a
pair of speakers, but they can be USB, bluetooth, or they can just plug
in via the earphone jack.



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