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Shelly Kane


Thanks for chiming in.  As I said before, I didn't know the desktop was in columns.  When I listen to the items I have in there, I usually do first letter navigation or arrow through them.  I never thought to use the home key and right arrow to navigate around.  I was never taught that in training when I was young.  Thanks again.


On 8/29/2020 3:41 PM, Gene wrote:
It’s a good idea to provide a systeematic way of doing things in such cases. To illustrate in this case, as was said, the desktop is a list view in columns.  Let's say you want to move through every item on the desktop to see what is there.  When on the desktop, press home to move you to the top of the list at the left, the very beginning of the list.  Down arrow through all the items you can.  Then press home again to move to the top of the list, right arrow once, then down arrow through all the things in the second column. Again, use home, then right arrow two times, which will place you on the third column.

When you get to the last column and are down arrowing, you will either jump back to things you heard in the previous column at some point, or if the final column is full, you will stop at the bottom and still be in that column.  But the desktop, if the final column isn't full, automatically moves you into the column to the left of where you are if you down arrow past the last item in that column and you aren't at the bottom of the column, in other words, if part of that column is not yet filled.

the concept of movement following form isn't taught well, if at all, in training.  In other wordss, even though you can't see if a tool bar has items from left to right or up and down, if you can't move through the items by up or down arrowing but you can move through them with the left and right arrows, those aren't just meaningless arbitrary movement options.  You move as the form of what you are moving through is laid out.  Knowing this helps you understand how things are laid out and may help you brealize that if you can't move one way, try another.

It may also help you understand what you are doing when you look at something using screen review, keeping in mind that movement follows form.

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Hi all,

Shelly, what operating system are you running?   It depends on what OS
you're running as to where the downloads folder is.  Before I explain
how to find your downloads folder, which is where all programs put
files unless you tell them differently, I want to explain your desktop to you.

Don't know where you got your training, but whomever it was did a poor
job in this area.  Your desktop is a list view, but it is displayed in
columns and rows.  Have you ever seen a bulletin board with pictures
and announcements and so on placed in columns and rows on it? There
will be a picture, and below that will be the menu for the kids'
lunches at school, to the right of the picture will be Martha's drawing
of Spot the Dog and so on.   That's what your desktop looks like. So,
if you want to see items 8-14, use your right arrow key to move to the
second column of icons.  You can always use first letter navigation
too, which is sometimes more efficient.

As for the downloads folder, that depends on the OS.  If it's win10,
it's in 'this PC'.  If it's Win7, look in 'computer' at:

Ann P.

Original message:
         Hi Everyone:

I was wondering if anyone can tell me that when I have the desktop open
and I can see all of my programs, I have 11 in there but I can only see
seven.  How do I get Jaws to read the others? Also, how do I delete a
program from the desktop?  One more thing, how do I get to the download
folder?  I usually have all of my programs go right to desktop but
someone told me some of them may be in the downloads folder. Thanks in

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