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When you open Google as by typing the web site or making it your home page, you should be placed in the edit field as well. But there is no reason to actually go to Google or make it your home page if you are going to use Google to search. What could be more simple than typing control k, typing a search, and pressing enter.

If you aren't being placed in the edit field, when you open the site itself is something I'm not sure of why. That is controled by the site itself, which uses JAVA scripts to move the browser into the field when the site opens.


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I am not good at explaining...When I go to google to look something up, IE puts me right where I need to enter my inquiry. I do not see any mention of IE...just the place where I neeed to ask my inquiry. When I have tried to use edge, there seems to be more 'things' involved than just landingt on the place I need to ask my question. That total simplicity is what I am looking for in a new browser.

I am using an updated win10 and one of the latest jaws.

Thanks to all!


On 8/31/2020 11:23 AM, Brian Vogel wrote:
On Mon, Aug 31, 2020 at 03:50 AM, chris judge wrote:
What do you mean by invisible?-
I share this question. Without a definition of what this means, in practice, it's really impossible to help much.

And, like so much in Windows, and in this case in browsers, ALT+D throws focus straight to the web address edit box and selects what's already there, so if you wish to overtype on a tab/page already open to go somewhere else you can. It works in every modern browser I'm aware of and I just tested it in Firefox, Edge, Chrome, and Brave and it has this behavior in all of them.


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