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there may be ways to get rid of some of it but not all of it. When you open a browser, type control l and type an address and press enter, or use a bookmark or use control k, type a search string and press enter. or follow a link that opens another page, in short, any time you do something that opens a page or when your home page opens, you will be in the web page with one exception. If you have set a blank page as your home page, you will be, I believe, on the address bar. Most people don't use a blank page. If you do , let us know.


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Gene, I think you have interpreted what I meant. Do all the things

you mentioned have to sho up? I really only want to look for answers
or see what's out there. If I find something I want to keep, I simply
link to it and then put it in the Misc folder on my Desktop.

My simple system works well for me. Am I hearing thatany new browser I
set up will have all that extra stuff by default? Is there no way to
get rid of all that extra stuff?


8/31/2020 7:46 PM, Gene wrote:
Are you talking about tool bars or other structures you can move to as you tab around the program window that are outside of the page? If so, and I'm still not sure what you are referring to, that sort of thing is standard today.

I'm not sure how or if you are moving out of the page after it loads. Use f6 if you are to return to the page. Once you are in the page, you won't leave it unless you tab or shift tab beyond the bottom or top of it. When you load a page, you should always be in the page.

I don't know if these comments will help because it isn't clear to me just what you are seeing but they may.

Without more information, I doubt that trying different browsers will help, as I said, having various tool bars and structures on screen in addition to the web page is standard these days.

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Guys, Thanks for the tips on the browser.

By invisible, I mean that when I looked up something with IE, there was
no extraneous 'things' such as places to put favorites or anything like
that. I hope I can find another browser like that. I think I will see
about starting out with brave or the new edge.

After all, I did get used to win 10 even though I was very happy with win7.

Thank you for being there for me.


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