Re: JDownloader--Trouble with Installation screen


Hi Nancy,

After seeing your message I downloaded it and attempted to install
it. I used a combination of NVDA and Narrator and got through about 3
or 4 steps using the default settings but was unable to complete the
installation. I don't know if JAWS can do a better job
reading/accessing those screens as I don't use JAWS.

IMO it has a very inaccessible installation procedure for which you'll
need some sighted help.

Watch out as it mentioned something about installing a browser or
search engine which was when I decided to quit trying to get through a
very horrible installation procedure. I beleive I had tried this a few
years ago with similar results.

Stay well,


On 8/31/20, Nancy Shackelford <> wrote:
Does anyone use this, and how did you get it installed?



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