Re: talking watches?

Ron Canazzi

Here is what I have and I have had one since 2017.
Five senses Atomic Talking Watch;psc=1

On 9/1/2020 7:33 PM, Norman wrote:
Hi all.

I'm looking for a good talking watch. I'm not sure what's happened to the selection at maxiaids but it's almost impossible to figure out what you're getting there.

I used to have one from royal tell time that i really liked, it had 4 buttons and all the common watch functions and was digital. Somehow it broke and no longer works late last year i got another one and didn't look at the description to closely only to find out it's an analog watch.

What? why on earth are we reverting to analog? Why can't i find a good digital watch anymore?

Using analog on a talking watch is just stupid unless the watch can set itself and sync with the digital time which this one can't.

So with that rant having been written, anyone know where to find a good talking watch? Preferably metal and with a round digital face.

And, no, i don't want a smart watch.


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