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Mike B.

Hi Nancy,
The Homepage is what you might have in IE11 when you open the browser, Google, for example.  The homepage and the search engine are 2 different things.  So, you could have Google as your homepage and your search engine  could be Duckduckgo or Bing.
Your desktop is exactly that, just like Windows 7, although the desktop with Windows 10 has more functionality, so to speak, because of its flexibility to have multiple desktops.

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Help!  I am confused by this home page stuff.  When I turn on my PC, it ends up on the DeskTop.  From there I can go anywhere I want to go.  Does that mean that DeskTop is my HomePage?

Please let me know, and if DeskTop is not my Homey, then please tell me how to find out what Is.  I am using win10, jaws 20ish and have my PC set to look like Win7.

Many thanks for your patience and help,


On 9/1/2020 11:52 AM, Brian Vogel wrote:
It seemed to be the predominate preference, for years, to have a search engine as a home page, at least prior to the introduction of the omnibox.   Now it's far less "universal" than it used to be.

There is no right or wrong home page.  Whatever the user prefers is settable, and resettable at will.

I used to use my preferred search engine as my home page, but now I don't ever even use a home page, period.  Between the advent of the omnibox for entering a web address or my search, and that all browsers can be set to reopen "where you left off" (which I always do), if I have to exit my browser for any reason "my browsing world" reopens exactly as I left it when I next start up again.   And all of these things are user preferences, too.

The ability to configure things as you prefer them, as far as web browsers go, and even the Windows environment goes, really has never been easier.  It has, however, been more comprehensive for a number of seldom-changed settings in Windows which are no longer presented to the end user.

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