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heather albright

I just wanted to note, I installed the latest windows10 as a fresh copy of windows. All my screenreaders are working now. I did run the checker it did not find anything but, I went ahead with the update. So I can say I have no idea what the issue was woe! Cheers Heather


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I uninstalled jaws completely, so went back to NVDA and so far it is reading

correctly. However, narrator is doing that choppy thing when reading text

like jaws was doing. So I am at a complete loss. I am running the latest

NVDA. I am using the same 3 programs for reading text. SO not sure what fix

NVDA to make it  start working again, so I can fix it with the other

programs, screen readers! Thank everyone for all the suggestions, any more

please! Heather

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> It started before I updated my windows. I actually, one, restarted after

> windows wanted to update, that did not fix the issue, was thinking the

> windows update was  causing it. So next, I did a jaws repare, not sure how

> to repare NVDA, so was trying to get jaws to work. So jaws asked me to

> restart my pc after it finished. It did not fix the issue. Did a repare

> twice and had to restart the system again. I tried 3 programs for reading

> text;  with the same results. Just now checked the blutooth box  with the

> jaws settings, as suggested, did not fix my issue. It is like an out of

> the blue thing for this just to start; mondays. So the only thing I can

> think is to uninstall and reinstall the screen readers. I can honestly say

> I have never had this happen before. thanks Heather

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>>I saw your message answering Brians questions and if I remember an earlier

>>message, you left out important information.  As I recall, you said that

>>you have the same problem with more than one screen-reader, JAWS and NVDA.

>>that is very important.  also, you didn't say in your last message when

>>the Windows  update occurred relative to when the problem started.  Did it

>>start immediately after the update or had it started before?

>> Did it start after you first booted up today and did you boot from a full

>> shut down?


>> Gene

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>> I'll let others discuss oother possible solutions.  I ncan't  urge you

>> strongly enough in future, to make sure system restore is on when you

>> first

>> start using a computer, unless you have a reversion program you are

>> using.

>> Microsoft, from what I have read, has system restore off in Windows 10 by

>> default.  I consider that to be extremely negligent design.


>> Gene

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>> Hello, I do not have any restore points, they did not come up. Do I just

>> reset this pc? I have keep files as an option.  I remember in the past,

>> it

>> gave me dates but, i did not get any dates to choose from. Running

>> windows

>> 10 1909. Thanks Heather












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