Re: and Changeing All Email Addresses


Does the person have an account? If you have an account, you can change
your address online for all your groups in one operation.

If these instructions, taken from the manual don't answer all your
questions, ask here.
Setting or changing account login elements
On your Account page, you can change or set your email address, password,
social login preference, and alternate email addresses (email aliases):
Note: If the fields you see are different from the ones listed in the table
below, you might be in a different section of your Account page. To display
the fields listed below, select Login in the left navigation menu on your
Account page.
Follow these steps:
Change your email address
1. In the Email field, enter your new email address.
2. Click Change Email.
3. When you receive a confirmation email from, reply to it to
confirm the change.
Note: If the new email address is already registered with, a page
appears that explains the account merge process and prompts you to verify
that you want to merge your accounts.
Set or change your password
1. In the Password field, enter the new password.
2. Click Change Password.
The main advantage of setting a password for your account is not
having to deal with your login expiring in 30 days (

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Hi All,

I'm asking this for a subscriber of several groups including this one, but he has to change his email address for all groups he's subscribed to. Would someone please provide steps for how this is done?

I can't do it at this time because of prior commitments. All help is appreciated.

Take care. Mike. Sent from my iBarstool. Go dodgers!

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