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I only kept one copy of your message and the discussion may have occurred on another list. One person said he couldn't find a download link. that could be. I don't use Send Space much but at times, I am asked to solve a captcha and I can use the site without challenge for awhile. But I use it so seldom that I don't know how long that time is.

I would suggest using something like we transfer. I'll find the link if you are interested. It doesn't hagve the danger of hacked advertising that has been present on Send Space over the years. If you are using it for free, you might get hacked advertising and have malware downloaded onto your computer unless you use the context menu and use save as or save link as, whatever your browser calls it to download without advertising. And We Transfer doesn't lower download speed if yu use it for free.


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Hi. Below is a link to a BBC podcast. The programme is called People Fixing The World and this podcast is "Keeping Data Forever."

You might find this interesting, the programme is broadcast on BBC world Service. I'll Paste their blurb then the file download link. Walter.

We look at three radical new ways to save data: writing inside glass, saving information to tiny magnets, and using the code of life – DNA – to save files.

Download link:


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