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You can but I don't know if it works as often as the method I gave. Someone with more technical knowledge may know. Sometimes a link redirects you to the file, which then plays. In that case, I wonder if control s will work and save target as or save link as won't. If you try the context method and it doesn't work, try my method to see if it does.


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You could also move your focus to the link containing the media, press
shift-f10 or the Applications key and choose the Save Target option.

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On 9/4/2020 12:55 PM, Gene wrote:
You may not be able to stop files from playing. I've seen this discussed off and on with this or that browser. But there is another way to save the files that works just as well. Follow the link and the audio will start to play. Then use control s to open a save as dialog. Save the file using that save as dialog.

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Hello, I cant find where I need to check so my media does not play in brave. So I can download my mp3 files to my media player. I have set with chrome and firefox. But for some reason brave keeps playing them in the browser. Thanks Heather

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