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heather albright

I still use the favorites folder and use brave browser too. So if you want to keep the favorites in an easy to access folder, not one of those hidden folders woe. So go to the site you want to add say

So  hit the alt key and arrow up to more tools and hit inter or arrow right to create short cut, it will be arrow right and arrow down to this option. Hit inter, you can change the title or keep the one it has. Tab to create short cut. It will be placed on the desktop and you can move it to the favorites folder so if you already have favorites from explorer, they will be in the same place. I am running windows10, not sure if windows7 puts the favorite on the desktop, assume it does. I have had machines running classic shell in windows10, classic shell makes look like windows7 and this option always places the favorite on the desktop. I like this option from the importing favorites from explorer which just created favorites I already had and found that just creating a favorite and placing them in the favorites folder, keeps my favorites list clean. So if I need to switch browsers, all my favorites are always there. I do not have to worry that I have favorites saved in fire fox, chrome or even edge or brave. So if you have to redo the web browser, erasing info and starting over, you do not lose favorites! If you are moving to a different machine all you have to do is copy that favorites folder, no importing and exporting.

Cheers Heather

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Use control-d,  that's it.


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Hi Everyone,

Can someone please tell me how I can add a web page to favorites using Brave as my Browser? Also using Windows 7.

When I was using IE as my Browser, all I had to do to add a web page to favorites was press the alt key, and the add to favorites option was there, but this doesn't seem to be the case with Brave.


Thank you all in advance.


Peace Be With You.









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