Re: how to find out how much RAM and CPU power a computer can handle

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Once again,  this is where the belarc advisor is your small, simple, and free digital friend


You can find it at;


It is a small download.

INsatll the program, it comes with no attached garbage.

Run the program and a web page will open with all the specs of your computer; this includes such things as;


Mainboard board name and model,

Cpu name and model,

Amount of ram including used slots and feee slots,




All installed software including product keys,

And more.

With  the main board model, you can find which processors and amount of ram the board will support.

Sorry, no ginsu knife included.


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What upgrades can be done to either the CPU or RAM Memory depends upon the Motherboard.  I doubt if MS Windows gives this info. 


However, if you knew the Motherboard Brand and Model, you could then look that up and see what the limits of the CPU and Memory would be.


Grumpy Dave



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Many factors can determine this but a google search may be a good start. If it’s a computer from a main stream manufacture you can simply google the model and can it be upgraded or more specific can the processor on (model) be upgraded. If it can be more than likely someone out there has done it already. From my experience desktops are usually the best when it comes to updating where laptops usually have limits on what you can update.


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What is the easiest way to find out how much Ram and CPU power a computer's main board can handle?

Newbie to Jaws and windows 10, so if there are directions to :


do this or do that


please give instructions







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