can't uninstall dropbox

Vicki W

It seems as though Dropbox, in all of the confusion from yesterday, has been moved to a place where it doesn't belong, at least it's not located there on my other computer. The shortcut tells me it doesn't work because the location to the dropbox in my start menu doesn't match the shortcut.
I tried deleting the shortcut and it still won't work.
I have a version of Dropbox to install, but since this version or whatever it is doesn't seem to behaving correctly and isn't located in the correct spot, I decided to just completely uninstall it. I went into the programs on the control panel, selected uninstall dropbox, and because it isn't working, I get a message that it can't be uninstalled because it doesn't seem to be installed in the first place.
Advice please? Can I just delete the folders and pretend they were left behind somehow in the wrong spot and reinstall the program or should I leave it alone and just try to install the new copy? I hate to leave corrupted files behind.

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