Re: Dropbox and pCloud

Joe Orozco

Thanks to David for vouching for pCloud.

As for Dropbox, if you click on it from the system tray, there's
silence. You might be able to tab around and eventually get it to tell
you to press Enter to open Dropbox, but it's hit or miss. Even once
you succeed at opening the right window, it seems more difficult to
find Preferences. I generally like Dropbox, but its attention to
accessibility when it comes to Windows leaves something to be desired.
So far on iOS it seems fine.


On 9/10/20, Gene <gsasner@...> wrote:
How has the system tray interface gotten worse? I don't use it much but
with NVDA, the part I look at looks the same and when I look at preferences,

it looks as it used to.

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Does anyone know if there are JAWS scripts for Dropbox? The website
accessibility has grown increasingly bad, and even the desktop app
seems to have gotten worse in terms of simple things like checking
free space and adjusting sync settings.

Also, does anyone have experience with pCloud? I'm testing out the app
now before deciding whether or not to buy into their lifetime plan.
Some of the features are not accessible, like adding passwords and
expiration dates to shared links, but this could be a matter of
finding the right workaround. I would be curious to hear other
people's impressions of the cloud storage service.

Thank you kindly in advance,


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