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Mike B

Here's how to put JAWS into sleep mode for a specific application or program, but I want to warn that you need to be very careful with this, because it can be difficult to undo
this if you make a mistake. This is the type of sleep mode in which JAWS will never speak once a program is loaded.
1. Open the program or application for which you want JAWS to be silent during its operation.
2. Press JAWS key plus the number six on the numbers row (not the NumPad).
3. In the search box which comes up, type the word sleep.
4. You will get two results, one applying to braille sleep, the other applies to sleep for JAWS, and it will say it is disabled.
5. Press the Space Bar until it says Enabled.
6. TAB to OK and press ENTER.
Now, whenever you start the program for which you never want JAWS to speak, JAWS will always be silent.

Take care.  Mike.  Sent from my iBarstool.  Go dodgers!

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Hi, also if there is a particular program you don't want jaws to talk in you
can turn speech off for just that program. I have a game I play that has its
own speech so I don't need jaws. Whenever I go into that game I have Jaws
set to not talk but since it is still running if I need to quickly go to
another program on my computer I don't have to start Jaws again. When in the
game as soon as I press alt tab or go to the desktop jaws starts speaking
again but as soon as I alt tab back to my game Jaws goes quiet again.

So if you know you won't need Jaws speaking all the time in one program you
can save time by using this setting. At the moment I'm not totally sure
where the setting is and I am having trouble concentrating because I am
falling to sleep. If people are interested I can dig up my notes in the

Bye for now.
From Shaz.
Canberra, Australia.

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Insert plus space bar then s.

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