Re: how to get rid of page breaks in note pad


I'm not sure how it might be done other than the method I'll present here.
This is a symbol and for some reason, I find that I can't add it to the default speech dictionary or the voice dictionary and have it honored. I have to place it in the temporary dicgtionary. Perhaps others will have other experiences.
First, you have to get the symbol in a syntax that it can be pasted to the temporary dictionary. I've tried just selecting it and copying it to the clipboard. It doesn't work. You have to select something right next to it, such as a space and select the symbol and copy both to the clipboard.
Then, when you paste what you copied into the pattern field, remove the additional carachter after pasting.
Then tab once to the pronounced as field and type a space. Tab to and activate the ok button, then tab to and activate the next ok button. You have solved the problem for this session of NVDA.

I wish I knew a permanent solution but at least when I've tried this, I have to go through this procedure every time I run NVDA that I want the symbol not to be spoken. You may be able to remove the page breaks using search and replace but I haven't played with that to any extent.


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Hello, I wante to get rid of my NVDA from announcing page breaks with notepad. So what is the best way, if anyone knows how to do this, please send the sequence commands. I do not like page breaks to be announced when reading books. Thank you,


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