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I just find the radio stations which broadcast the games I wish to enjoy and get them on either the Victor Stream or on my IPhone. This is just the old fashioned normal radios and it works great and for free!

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Hi Group,

This is a long post. If you aren't interested in NFL play-by-play
broadcast, you might stop reading now.

On this and a few other lists, I initiated a discussion about how to
best receive NFL radio play-by-play broadcasts of the games now that
Tune In Premium had dropped the NFL and MLB broadcasts. As far as MLB,
there is an iPhone app as well as a website interface. Both are very
accessible and the $20 US yearly for the service for both the app and
the website is very affordable.

As concerns the NFL play-by-play, the two choices are SiriusXM and the
NFL site and app.

I had gotten several conflicting bits of information concerning the
availability of NFL play-by-play for the SiriusXM service. Here is the
definitive answer. You _MUST_ have a radio to receive NFL, NBA and MLB
play-by-play broadcasts. I know this because yesterday, I signed up for
the service and found out that the NFL game last night and the NFL
listing for play-by-play did not exist on the online streaming service.
When I signed up, I specifically asked if these play-by-play services
were available. I was told by SiriusXM tech support that they were.
When I found out last night that they were not, I called up this morning
for a clarification and was definitively told that the services for NFL,
NBA and MLB play-by-play were available only to those who owned radios.
So that settles that issue once and for all. When I told SiriusXM
support of the bad information I got yesterday, they were quite good
about it and refunded my first month fees and cancelled my account.

Now for the NFL app. Let me say first off that the app is clumsy. There
are a bunch of buttons that show up as unpronounceable for VoiceOver on
the iPhone app. Experimentation has shown that the most important
unlabeled button is the second from the top on the main screen and the
Game Pass screen. This button is the settings button. VoiceOver has an
ability to label unlabeled buttons, but that's one feature I haven't
mastered at this time. There are a bunch of other unlabeled buttons
that I haven't figured out yet.

However, the biggest issue with this app is not so much some of those
buttons, but it is the way NFL handles the games. I experimented with
this app for two days before the Thursday night game and they had only
the remnant of the Super Bowl archives from last February listed under
the Game Pass main screen. There is a year/week/day picker in the app
which takes a bit of getting used to. When you first open it by double
tapping on it, about fifty percent of the time, you get bounced to the
status bar and have to navigate back to the picker. But what bothered
me most was that the screen for current games stay locked in last
February until 8:20 PM last night. At precisely that time, the app
switched to the year 2020 and the current year appeared in the
year/week/day picker and then and only then could you access the feed
for both Houston and Kansas City. Once these feeds are available, you
could double tap on the appropriate feed for home and away. The team
names are clearly labeled so that is no problem.

What did happen is that for about the first five minutes, the games
would not play and the TV feed which is not supposed to be available
until immediately after the game has been completed actually played.
Then it disappeared and the radio feeds became available. I assume this
was a glitch on the part of the NFL itself and nothing to do
specifically with the app. Maybe they'll do a better job on
Sunday--having had these issues for the opening game.

As far as the website, each of these year/week/day time pickers is
represented by a Tab. You press enter on the appropriate tab and then a
drop down menu appears so you can highlight it and press enter again to
expose the game/s for that day.

All in all, as clumsy as it is, it is usable and is you don't want to
buy a radio, it is the only alternative for now--other than hunting down
team network affiliates that may stream the games. Indeed there are a
bunch of them that have done that in the past. The site Free Football
Radio<> lists the affiliates of all 32
NFL teams and while they don't regularly update this list, many of the
entries are valid enough. You can also go the the individual team
website where the current list of affiliates is usually listed.

So there you have it: the major alternatives to the now defunct Tune In
Premium NFL play-by-play broadcasts. The NFL site and app is a bit
pricey at $100 yearly, but I suppose if you have sighted associates or
family members, it might be worth it after all.

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