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Brian, I thought we cleared up this issue. It's not her fault that she doesn't communicate well. The subj line should have been how to stop Jaws or NVDA from announcing page-breaks during continuous reading in Wordpad/notepad.

This is a screen reader issue, *not* a notepad or wordpad issue. I repeat, this is a screen reader issue! I tried to be nice about this, but obviously, I'm not getting through! All this hoo-ha about getting rid of the actual page-breaks in the document is akin to moving all the milk and cream out of the dairy instead of just removing the damned cat!

You do not want to remove the page-breaks from *any* document, I don't care what wordprocessor you're using. Being able to navigate by page in a document is crucial! Taking all the page-breaks out of a document merely to stop a screen reader from announcing them is foolish and counter-productive! It's not needed!! I don't have time, but maybe somebody who has a modicum of sense ought to go over to the NVDA list and pose the question there. The answer might be forthcoming! Oh, and you might want to find out if these are hard or soft page-breaks. <sardonic grin>

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I have been following this thread intermittently hoping that, eventually, all would become clear, but it's getting worse as far as being able to offer guidance from my perspective.
Question one is: What is the source of the material that has the phrase "page break" announced in notepad? Is it a copy and paste of, say, an MS-Word document, PDF, etc.?
Plain text files created as plain text files should not have page break characters in them to begin with, and this strongly suggests that something was converted from some other original format, and clumsily.
The answer probably lies not in doing anything related to the screen reader, but in having the original plain text generated correctly, or using the actual native file format it came from to read it.
There are also methods that can be used to strip a file of any given character or character sequence, but unless the only source is the thing that's giving you the problem that's really a very last resort.
If you're able to share an example of a file that's giving you this problem that would be helpful, too.

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