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Are my messages being completely ignored in the debate by both of you? I explained the situation yesterday. Are my messages not showing up on line?

First, the dialog being discussed covers infinitely more than just punctuation. I had thought it was just for punctuation, but a quick looked showed that it covered emoji, and many other symbols than punctuation.

Again, if you find the page break symbol in the list and set its occurrence to all, then set your punctuation level to below all, page break will not be spoken.


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Calm down!! It would be odd, very odd, for NVDA to announce something in the punctuation class that no other screen reader does, or this would crop up far more often than in this isolated circumstance.

You can believe what you wish to believe. I believe there's something peculiar in how the file is being created by the translation software, not NVDA. I've been around many an MS-Word document, with page breaks, that when being read does not announce their presence in continuous reading because that white space is not relevant.


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