Re: how to get rid of page breaks in note pad


A minor correction. I see that the person did specify Notepad as the program being used.


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I am not saying you are wrong that you have read a lot of documents and not
heard page break announced. But the problem occurs when you export a
document from Openbook to a text file. I don't know what other programs
leave page breaks in the file when you export or save them in text format
from another format. Other list members may want to discuss that.

I also don't know if this problem occurs if you read a text file in Word or
in many other word processors. I do know that if you read a text file
exported from Openbook in Notepad, that the page break is spoken. The
person didn't explain what program she is using to read the document. We
dohn't know the history of the document, whether someone sent it to her, or
whether she exported it in text format from a program nor what program she
is using to read the program.

But the problem does make perfect sense. If the page breaks are retained,
they will be shown in notepad as if they were revealed codes and NVDA speaks
them unless you make the adjustment I discussed in earlier messages. If the
person does what has been suggested, the problem will be solved.

My guess is that the person is using Notepad to read the file, though we
don't know that and that it was exported from another program. She may not
know the history of the file if it were sent to her.

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On Sun, Sep 13, 2020 at 07:14 PM, Gene wrote:
Are my messages being completely ignored in the debate by both of you?-
No, Gene, they're not. But the situation makes no sense at all.

I've been around I can't say how many files being read by NVDA, with
multiple pages, with page breaks in "read all" mode and never recall a page
break being announced.

I will say it one more time, and I'm done: I doubt very, very much that
this is NVDA, per se. There is something odd about the source material. It
happens. Yet no one wants to acknowledge that, it seems.

I could be wrong, and I'll admit that, but it's something worth considering.


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