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Then we do know. That proves my point. Its clear that in converting the files, the page breaks are left in. I remember that message now, but since it wasn't important in determining what the problem was, I didn't try to remember it.

I wasn't concerned with how the file had been created. I had seen the problem before, I recognized the description, and I found, after Ann made her valuable suggestion, how to set NVDA not to announce page breaks.


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On Sun, Sep 13, 2020 at 09:14 PM, Gene wrote:
though we don't know that and that it was exported from another program.-
Yes, Gene, we do. I make a point of reading each and every message that's come in on a topic before replying. In response to my questions and earlier speculation came this response:

It could not be more clear how the file that was being read made its way to the plain text format being read in Notepad.

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