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Hi everyone. Sorry I'm late to the party. I only caught the tail end of this thread, so if you folks have already figured this out, please just hit delete. I had this problem with long strings of equals signs in a document that I was reading with NVDA, but the same thing worked for me in NVDA when I told it to not say page break. I did the following:
1. With NVDA running, hit the NVDA key with N. In my case, NVDA key was the insert key.
2. Down arrow once and you will reach preferences submenu, and hit right arrow.
3. Arrow down twice and you will reach punctuation/symbol pronunciation.
4. You will land on a list of 3359 different symbols that you can change the pronunciation of by NVDA. Page break is symbol number 3225 on this gigantic list in my version of NVDA which is March 1, 2019.
5. Once you finally find page break, hit tab one time and NVDA will say "change selected symbol grouping." Now, just hit the spacebar, and NVDA will say "Selection removed."
6. Now, just tab to the okay button and hit enter. After doing that, you might be thrown completely out of the NVDA menus. Just go back into them with NVDA key plus N, arrow down to save configuration and hit enter. Now, when you read your document either with arrows or with say all, NVDA will not say Page Break.

Hope this helps someone.

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Then we do know. That proves my point. Its clear that in converting the files, the page breaks are left in. I remember that message now, but since it wasn't important in determining what the problem was, I didn't try to remember it.

I wasn't concerned with how the file had been created. I had seen the problem before, I recognized the description, and I found, after Ann made her valuable suggestion, how to set NVDA not to announce page breaks.

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On Sun, Sep 13, 2020 at 09:14 PM, Gene wrote:
though we don't know that and that it was exported from another program.-
Yes, Gene, we do. I make a point of reading each and every message that's
come in on a topic before replying. In response to my questions and earlier speculation came this response:

It could not be more clear how the file that was being read made its way to the plain text format being read in Notepad.

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